The Compliance function is responsible for supporting the development and implementation of practices that facilitate compliance with laws and Group policy.

As well as promoting ethical behaviour, Compliance prevents and detects misconduct or non-compliance with laws, regulations and our Code through effective compliance systems.

To deliver its mandate, Compliance provides oversight, written guidance, subject matter expertise, strategic advice and other ad hoc support. Compliance does this through two organisational routes:

  • Compliance Business Partners work alongside each business and function. Their role is to help protect and enable GSK to deliver competitive performance in the right way.
  • Compliance Centres of Excellence that deliver specialist expertise, efficiency, consistency and continuous improvement within the areas of Corporate Security, Risk Analytics & Monitoring, Risk Management, Independent Business Monitoring and Investigations.

The Code

Two scientists on an orange background

The GSK Code sets out the commitments GSK and our people make to get ahead together – so we can deliver on our ambition in the right way, bring our culture to life and make GSK an exciting and inspiring place to work.

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GSK Speak up

Ask questions, raise concerns, speak up. We will listen and support you. Go to

Our GSK Speak up integrity lines are available to report alleged breaches of legal or regulatory obligations, financial fraud including accounting internal controls and auditing, or any other alleged contravention of GSK's Code and company policies.

Issues and concerns can be reported using our web form or worldwide call centre lines, and may be reported anonymously where permissable by local laws and regulations.

A secure, offsite post office box may also be used:

GSK, Inc.
“Speak up,” Mailstop 5.5A
PO Box 13398
27709 USA

Please do not use the Speak up integrity lines or post office box for product enquiries or to report adverse events. Contact us

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Contact information

Neil Falkingham

SVP, Chief Compliance Officer
US phone: +1 888 825 5249

Richard Walters

VP, Compliance R&D & Enterprise Risk Management
UK phone: +44 20 8047 5000

Yvonne Stewart

VP, Ethics & Compliance – Pharma Supply Chain
UK phone: +44 20 8047 5000

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Complying with the UK Corporate Governance Code

Throughout 2022, GSK complied with the provisions of Financial Reporting Council’s Corporate Governance Code with the exception of provision 38. Further details can be found in our compliance statement on page 109 of our 2022 Annual Report (PDF-15MB).

UK Corporate Governance Code – find out more on the Financial Reporting Council website

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New York Stock Exchange rules

The New York Stock Exchange rules permit GSK to follow UK corporate governance practices instead of those that apply to the US, provided we disclose any significant ways in which our practices differ from those applying to US domestic issuers.

A table disclosing differences between GSK's domestic corporate governance practices and those applying to US domestic issuers is included in our Annual Report on Form 20-F (PDF - 3.3mb).

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California Compliance law

Document downloads:

GSK ethics & compliance program - US Operations (PDF - 207KB)

California Annual Declaration Of Compliance (PDF - 85.7KB)

Safe needle disposal plan

Section 119402 of the California Health and Safety Code requires a pharmaceutical company to adopt a Comprehensive Compliance Program that is in accordance with the US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General's "Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers". We must also comply with the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Code.

Further, the law requires that the Comprehensive Compliance Program includes an annual limit for certain items and activities given to healthcare professionals covered by this California law.

Finally, the law requires that each manufacturer make its Comprehensive Compliance Program and an annual declaration of compliance publicly available.

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